2016 Coupon Book

The Coupon-Fairy Booklet is an “entertainment” or “chinook-book” styled coupon book for small businesses.

Within you will find a collection of Coupon_Fairy1coupons and discounts for nearly 200 vendors, artists, authors musicians, and events! Participating businesses are are primarily online web-stores so anyone, anywhere can use our coupons to save!

Proceeds from Coupon Fairy Booklet sales benefit participating businesses, The Black Knight Society and Dreamhaven Park.

Click the image to purchase your booklet today and start saving while you shop!



Participating 2015 Stores!

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Abney Park
Alexandra Haley Art
AMC Photography
Amy Brown Fantasy Art
Aroma Rebel Bath & Botanical
Aquariann: Art of Kristin Cornell
Art of Deanna Davoli
Art of Jason Gianfriddo
Asspocket Productions
Attention Span Games
Author Debra Brown
Author Jason Andrew Bond
Author Kurtis Bissell
AVON by Chrysta
Be a Hero Superhero Masks
Beasley’s Wonders
Beauty and Geek
Black Ribbon Jewellery
Body Butter by Starla
Boho Tribal Tent
Brass & Steam Productions
C Kathleen Summers Sculpture
Caught in the Net
CCG House
Carbony Celtic Winds
Charlotte Summers Art
Charmed Touches Photography
Charms by Cat
Clean Crops
Damsel in this Dress
DaKara’s Art Creations
Daniel Medina Creations
Dancing Bee Apiary
Deni Marie Classique
Dragon’s Breath Vape
Dramatique Designs
Eclectic Butterfly Designs
Elfling Creations
Elysian Pearl
Emily’s Handmade Soaps
Faerie Art Hart
Faeries for Nature
Fairy Cove Silks
Fairyring by Gabriella Szabo
Falcorations Odyssey
Flying Turtle Publishing
Fox Jaxon Design
Freebird Studios
Gargoyles Statuary
Green Fairy Grotto
Gia’s Traditions
Half Caff Crochet
Harmonee’s Creations
Headstrong Headwear
Heart’s Delight Clothiers
Hedgefaery Hollow
Her Majesty’s Marketplace
HM Crafters
Isles of Day
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Kangaroo Pancakes
KayMarie’s Botique
Kevin E. Cain Illustration
Kraft Shed Kids
Kreative Kettlecorn
Lady Jewel’s Hair Garlands
Lady Merlin’s Treasures
Lepidus Plasmatio
Little Kraft Shed
Little Kraft Shed Haberdashery
Lorellyne’s Enchanted Creations
Maryland Faerie Festival
Mercy Nine Designs
Midnight Dreams
Midsummer Moon
Misty Magic Soap Works
Moddejonge’s Herbals
My Silpada with Ann Debonis
Mythmusica Music & Faerie Festival
Northwest Comic Fest
Oberon’s Tavern
Occams Edge
Oddmall Emporium of the Weird
Off the Cuff Creations
Ogre’s Den Chain Maille
Opal Moon Designs
Oy With The Plushies Already
Party Hardy Balloons
Phantom Leather
Pretty Things for Little Queens
Priscilla Dawn
PuppyCat Meow
Purple Eggplants Fantasy Art
Raymond Macalino: Author
Rhododos Nest
Riona’s Cave of Treasures
Rust is Vogue
Scaling Down the Past
Sculpture Soap
Sherwood Renaissance Singers
Silpada Jewelry
Sinister Metalworks
Skinplicity Bath & Body
Sleepless Storyteller

Solvang Faeriefest
Some Enchanted Earrings
SpoCon Sci-fi / Fantasy Convention
Spokane Renaissance Faire
Stained Glass Butterfly
Stark Graving Mad
Stellar Goods
Sterling Stiches
Susan Schroder Arts
The Alchemyst
The Art of Herb Leonhard
The Art of Tammy Pryce
The Bloo Pixie
The Dreaming Comics & Games
The Geek, The Bead, and The Shiny
The Gilded Quill
The Kitchen Imp
The Mushroom’s Door
The Tinker’s Daughter (was Special FX)
The Wicked Griffin
Thyme 2 Dream
Tonya Macalino: Author
Trixzie Art
Weaving Oneness
Wee Pleats
Wenatchee Renaissance Faire
Willowroot Wands
Younique Makeup & Skincare
Zombie Hun
Zordia’s Creations

New Additions in 2016!

Contribute to Dreamhaven now!

Annika’s Atelier
Beyond Mirays
Claude Raymond Designs LLC
Clipso Calipso
Czarina Batty Moon
Elderberry Hollow Jewelry
Jamberry Nails by Megan
Savage Dryad Creations
Shy Fox Treasures
The Mystic Wood
Tree Leaves Oracle
Wild Faerie Magick


Alternately, you can purchase our booklet at these storefronts:

Canterbury Renaissance Faire

CCG House (Vancouver, WA)

Crescent Moon Gifts (Tacoma, WA)

Moddejonge’s Herbals (Everett, WA)

Oberon’s Tavern (Ashland, OR)

Spokane Renaissance Faire (Spokane, WA)

The Dreaming Comics & Games (Seattle, WA)

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