Taphouse & Amphitheatre

As you emerge from either your camping space, or the event arena, you’ll be find a tavern to quench your gamer’s thirs.

Low on energy? Need to boost your stat pool? Stop in at one of our on-site taverns or restaurants! Dreamhaven hosts two on-site pubs situated neatly to either side of our outdoor concert venue.

Each establishment serves a selection of geeky, gamer, fantasy oases for you to rest your feet and enjoy a tasty beverage and replenish your energy stats.

Natural Amphitheatre

Located between our two Taphouses is an outdoor amphitheatre.  It is embedded into the natural layout of the land to stay as environmentally friendly as possible.  Trees tower overhead to provide shading for summer concerts and shows.

Does your group have entertainment acts that would like to perform on stage?  This is the main place for them to be seen!

Grab that mug that you found back at the handmade market and fill it full of frothy before resuming your quest for the day and toppling the big boss!


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