Live-action Dungeon Crawl

Map depicts the area of the park that the Dungeon Crawl will be located.

Dangerous_to_Go_AloneBards, Clerics, Fighters, and Thieves! Hone your skills, don your armor, assemble your party, and get ready to venture into our live-dungeon crawl!

LARPers, re-enactors and gamers of all types will find our modular boffer dungeon an engaging quest for any party. The dungeon focuses on several puzzle-based challenges and minor NPCs that challenge the players as they make their way through the maze. Dungeon_Map2

Participants are encouraged to garb up and get in-character for this interactive storyline. Navigate your party through the rooms one by one, completing each challenge for points and emerge victorious on the other side!

Do you have a plot that you would like to use our dungeon for? Contact us! We would love to host your raiding party.

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