Employment2Be part of a fun, dynamic work environment that combines team work with the rewarding experience of creating magical memories for our guests.

Dreamhaven Park has great seasonal job opportunities, offering flexible scheduling, employee discounts, and a variety of job positions.

The hours of work, the intensity of responsibility and commitment are a foremost requirement in working for us. You must be prepared and willing to work weekends, holidays and evenings as necessary. As well as adhere to a strict code of dress, appearance, conduct and attitude. You may be required to wear a costume from time to time.Employment_Wizard_Costume

You must be prepared to be a team player by working well with others and above all, provide excellent guest services with a smile. You will be trained according to a standard that will not only make your employment with us rewarding, but will prepare you for more challenging experiences in your future.

All employees will be hired on a probationary period.

Your position with us is considered to be one of the most important positions in the company and will include the following job description:
–Be a Host/Hostess to our guests and make their visit to our attractions the most pleasant and memorable.
–Conduct cashiering transactions as helpful and accurate as possible while helping our guests above and beyond their needs during their visit.
–Be a good-will representative and ambassador on behalf of our park and strive for excellence in service to our guests. Your attitude does make a difference to them.
–Keep Dreamhaven neat and clean at all times. This includes cleaning exhibits and bathrooms as needed.

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