Pottery1Have you ever wanted to learn an artisan trade? Dreamhaven is the place! Join our local artists and craftsmen in an assortment of workshops designed to introduce you to the ancient art forms in a modern world.

The hand-crafted work that you see in our Market Plaza is the product of masters and journeymen in their chosen field. Whether it be blacksmithing, soap making, glass arts, painting, fiber arts or more, there is something to interest everyone.Glassblowing1

Dreamhaven is dedicated to alternative arts, learning and education.  Here, amidst our fantastic realm of creativity and exploration, we invite guests of all ages to come learn age-old arts.

Modern technology allows us to take homesteading skills and sustainable practices to the next level with perma-culture gardening and facility design.

Ready for the zombie apocalypse? Preppers and Scouts welcome!  If you are an avid DIYer, this is just the place for you.  Come to Dreamhaven and learn the skills you’ll need to survive on your own in the wild.

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