Hobbit Holes & Campground

Yellow Circle indicates the location of the Camps on the park map.

The yellow circle indicates the area of the park layout where our public campsites will be located.  This area will be comprised of three types of camping options:

  1. Hobbit Holes
  2. Open Camp Grounds
  3. Village Inn
Sample Hobbit Hole with basic amenities for rent.

 Hobbit Hole Cabins

This area of the park will feature 6-12 environmentally friendly “Hobbit Holes”.  Equipped with basic amenities such as light and head, our Hobbit Holes are the perfect place to stay for campers that prefer the cabin-style weather protection.

Embedded under landscaped earth overgrowth, the Hobbit Holes are self-cooling in the summers and cozy in the winters.

Open Campsites


Adjacent to the Hobbit Hole cabins is the open Campground.  This is a large swath of the park, sectioned out into campsites for pitching tents.

Each site comes with a fire pit and grill for cooking and a water post.  Trails interconnect the various campsites and may or may not be utilized by the campers or groups staying on-site for LARPing, Scouting, or other events.

Included in this area of the park will be public bath houses for men and women with flushing toilets and showers, and running water.

Village_Inn Village Inn

Located just behind the artistan live-work spaces in the main plaza is the Village Inn.  This is a 30 room, hotel-style facility.  It is the perfect place for larger groups to house their dignitaries or VIPs.

Wedding parties can book room blocks for their guests and family and LARP groups can fill it up for large games or events.

Food service to the Village Inn will be provided through one of the taverns or restaurants on-site. Overflow crowds are welcome to rent Hobbit Holes or a Campsite so as to provide accommodations for all types of adventuring visitors.

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