Fundraising Efforts

Join the Dream!

Dreamhaven is pursuing several different streams of funding. Every penny of funding contributes to the success of this project.

Here are some of the ways that you can get involved and contribute:

#1: Coupon-Fairy Book

First page of coupons from our book featuring Abney Park, Amy Brown Art, and Attention Span Games.

Seriously, we cannot emphasize the awesomeness of this enough!  The Coupon-Fairy Book to the public as a method of bring value to our donors.  Inside the book is a collection of discount coupons at nearly 200 online stores.  Our booklet focuses on the handmade and small-business artisan.  Stores are divided categorically to include:

Bath & Body
Food & Beverage
Small Press (Indy Authors & Books)
If you plan on buying even ONE cosplay item this year, if you love to shop handmade and small business, buy our booklet first and shop from ANYWHERE in the world.  The vast majority of our participating stores are vendors with an online storefront.
Proceeds from the booklet are divided between Dreamhaven Park, our partners The Black Knight Society and the participating merchants.

#2: GoFundMe

Contribute to Dreamhaven now!

Crowdsource funding is one of those streams by which Dreamhaven enthusiasts, fans, and supporters can help us see the fruition of our vision.  By using GoFundMe, our public fan-base is enabled to help us in whatever manner they see fit, by donating directly.

You can donate once, or set yourself up for a monthly contribution to show your continued support.

#3: Artist Live-Work Space

Diagram of our basic live-work space.

Centered in the main plaza, one-third of our Public Handmade Market will be dedicated to permanent live-in spaces for artisans and crafters.  Each space will be equipped with a storefront that opens straight into the main Handmade Market Plaza, living or storage quarters, and bathroom facilities.

We offer a 3-year, and 4-year plan for vendors who would like to secure a space at the park. Interested vendors can opt to get their space by visiting our GoFundMe, scrolling to the bottom and selecting this “Artist Live-Work” option which best suits them.

#4: Come to the Fairyblossom Festival

JUNE 20-21, 2015, Chehalis, WA!  The Fairyblossom Festival is one of our big fundraisers for Dreamhaven.  We are so excited for this year and hope you’ll bring the whole family to camp out and join us!

Our festival features a Fairy Market with over 40 unique vendors and crafters, our Guest of Honour Herb Leonhard Art, Entertainment by the Epona Equestrian Team and Dragonsteps Fire Troupe and a whole host of Summer Tourney Games for everyone to freely participate in!

If that wasn’t awesome enough, we are engaged with our community through the Stone Soup Community Potluck.  Save $1 on your ticket by bringing a can of soup with you to the gate.  Labels will be donated to Cascade Elementary for their Labels for Education program and the soup will be given to a local soup kitchen.Labels_for_Education1

Bring a dish, snack, drink or other contribution, have a seat at our Feasting table with the Fairy King & Queen and enjoy the equestrian dinner show!


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Contribute to Dreamhaven now!

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