Mission & Vision

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It is our vision to establish a themed park & event venue on a piece of privately owned property – we call it “Dreamhaven” and it is dedicated to:

  • Offering visitors, the public, tourists, groups and clubs an interactive, live-action landscape to visit and hold their activities, meetings, workshops, festivals, weddings, corporate retreats and more!
  • The promotion of community involvement & event production in the PNW.
  • To providing a venue for artisans and craft-persons, entertainers and actors, LARPers, Burners, DIYers, and the general public to both showcase their work.
  • Creating a space that celebrates the weird, fun, fantasy, unique, and everything eclectic.


Dreamhaven is a project in the works to build a fully themed, all-season event venue and adventure gaming park.  Host your event, bring your club, group, guild or family and camp and get ready to make your own story!

Stroll through the village and shop at the handmade & farmer’s marketplace, venture through the MagicQuest Forest, enjoy food and drink at the Tavern or join us for a gaming extravaganza in the great hall.MagiQuest1

You’ll be able to camp or stay in cabins with your friends and family as you take the weekend to explore the realm.


We are dedicated to community inclusiveness.  Have you ever wanted your own artist shop and living studio in one place?  Be a part of our Handmade Market!  How about tending your very own pea-patch garden?  Get yours as Dreamhaven and sell your produce in our public Farmer’s Market!

Fairytale_Wedding_Carriage1Looking for a space to host your own retreat, LARP or tabletop event, wedding or workshop? We can help provide your guests a singular experience in this invigorating setting.


Have you ever wanted to learn alternative artisan crafts such as glass blowing?  Blacksmithing? Pottery?  Participate in our workshops hosted by local and guest artists and craftspeople who have made a success from their passion!  Bring your school class by for a hands on, learning field-trip.Blacksmith_Market

Join us to learn how they “did it in the old days” with soap making, honey harvesting, gardening, and more.  Learn how to integrate urban perma-culture into your own setting and practice sustainable-living, green techniques.
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