Community Pea Patches

Highlights indicate the adjacency of the Community Patches to the Farmer’s Market portion of the Plaza.

Pea-patch1Community Pea Patches & Garden Plots

Part of our dedication to our neighbors and environment will be our pea patch community gardening plots. P-Patches are an open space resource for all members of the community, not just gardeners, and are places to share love of gardening, cultivate friendships, strengthen neighborhoods, increase self-reliance, wildlife habitat, foster environmental awareness, relieve hunger, improve nutrition, and enjoy recreational and therapeutic opportunities.

Farmers_MarketOur garden program is set apart by its symbiotic relationship with our Farmer’s Market in the main plaza.  Individual P-Patch gardeners, or group-maintained gardens, will have the opportunity to sell their produce and flowers right on site!

The market plaza will be open to both the general public and on-site campers, groups and facility renters.  Get delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables in our public market to take back to your yurt or campsite and prepare a healthy meal with.

Whether you are a sole-gardener, a scout troupe, school classroom, or just a group friends we invite you to engage and learn about our little economic system.

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