Public Market

The Handmade Public Market is a feature attraction at Dreamhaven Park. It is open freely to the public during park hours (and after-hours for overnight guests) for both grocery and merchandise shopping.  The  Handmade Market is comprised of three primary parts:

1) Permanent Handmade Market
2) Farmer’s Produce Market
3) Day-stall Merchant’s Market


Permanent Artist Live-Work Market

Sample of a single live-work space for sub-leasing by artists. It opens with a storefront into the main courtyard for shopping.

Located at the ‘top’ of our marketplace plaza is a row of permanent shops. These are permanent fixtures at Dreamhaven and designed to be operated individually by the artisans and craft-persons who sub-lease them. Each permanent storefront has living/storage space above the retail outlet so that our artists may live or keep their studio on site.







Farmer’s Market

Located adjacent to our community P-patches and homesteading garden plots, is the Farmer’s Market. This row of stalls and shopping are dedicated to food products, general produce, flower vendors, etc. with an emphasis on providing a retail venue for our on-site gardeners and community farmers.

To the left of the Farmer’s Market stalls are the community P-Patches, Garden Plots and Greenhouse.  This will allow members of the community to tend garden plots and sell the fruits of your labor to campers, over-nighters, our customers and the general public in the marketplace right beside them. Campers staying on-site can pick up a few fresh groceries to take back to the cabin or campsite!

Handmade Day-stall Merchants
The Day-stall market strip is conveniently located off the main plaza to the right, forming one leg of our triangle. It features a daily variety of vendors and artists based on a first-come-first-served basis. If you would like a place to host vendors for your event or gaming group during your stay, this is it!Don_Lewis_Mug

Looking for the perfect cosplay accessory? Did you forget your best earrings and necklace? Did your sword frog break? Wand holster left at home?….Did you leave the soap in your shower?? Worry not!

The merchants in our plaza have what you need to outfit and supply yourself and your merry band of intrepid explorers accordingly for your time with us at Dreamhaven.

Grab your mug, get your growler and head out on that quest. You’ll want it at the tavern for a tasty flagon of mead as you boast about your conquests of the day!

Merchants here can load in and out daily through the parking lot that is located directly at the back of the semi-permanent day-stalls.


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